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IT Support for Law Offices

Hand off your firms IT headaches to us so you can go back to what your best at.

As a Milwaukee area attorneys office you already understand that the success of your firm depends on the outcomes that your firm achieves its clients. Your specialization in one or more legal areas provides a focus that allows you to better serve your clients, your firm and your bottom line.  Maintaining that focus means you haven’t got time to check log files every day to make sure that the backups of your company data are still being completed successfully or to read the days IT security advisories and determine if all of your computers and server(s) are in compliance.

With ransom-ware infections such as CryptoWall destroying network data all over the region the time to turn monitoring and remote management over to the experts has never been better.  During the week of November 10th, 2014 I.T. Connect quickly identified the threat as businesses all over the Milwaukee area were becoming infected and finding that their network data had been encrypted and was being held for ransom.  I.T. Connect immediately sent out an ’emergency broadcast’ message to all of our managed services subscribers via our emergency response messaging system and then deployed an emergency stop-gap measure by pushing out “Crypto-Prevent” onto every computer under our management.  Crypto-Prevent is a program that restricts newly installed programs from running anything in the “appdata” folder from which the CryptoWall ransom-ware performs its dirty-work from and prevents it from encrypting any data.

I.T. Connect sent an “emergency broadcast” message to

       for or other and  your business, but until now you may have had to– or else risked letting your IT systems run unattended in the hope that Windows update and a bi-monthly visit from an IT service contractor would be enough to avoid a service interruption or loss of company data.

Researching IT security advisories on the latest service packs, security threats and viruses isn’t something that you’re going to have time for on a long term basis; and your paralegal or office manager may not be comfortable with it.  Maybe you’ve already moved some of your backups to the cloud; but who is monitoring the logs every day to make sure that the backup job hasn’t been failing due to some error?

I.T. Connect can take over management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure for one low monthly fee so you can get back to running your firm.

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