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Managed IT Service

Hand your IT Headaches off to us, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

With ransomware infections such as CryptoWall destroying network data all over the region the time to get serious about moving to managed IT service has never been better.  During the week of November 10th, 2014 I.T. Connect quickly identified the threat as CrytpoWall when businesses all over the Milwaukee area started finding that they had an infection somewhere and that their network data had been encrypted and was being held for ransom.  I.T. Connect responded immediately and sent out an ’emergency broadcast’ message to all of our managed services subscribers via our instant messaging system and then deployed an emergency stop-gap measure and pushed out installation of the “Crypto-Prevent” software onto every computer under our management.  Crypto-Prevent is a program that restricts newly installed programs from running anything in the “appdata” folder from which the CryptoWall ransomware performs its dirty-work, thus preventing it from encrypting any data should the machine become infected.  

As a result of the monitoring and management systems that we have in place and our ability to sent instant notifications to clients in cases like these and then push out on-demand updates to managed systems through our patch management system not one of our managed IT service subscribers suffered any loss due to the CryptoWall ransomware. 

But Managed IT Service includes much more protection from ransomware and other malware.  As patches, service packs and updates are released by Microsoft, Sun (Java), Adobe and other companies we identify sources of potential issues and perform testing and monitoring to determine whether the patch meets quality standards and can be “Whitelisted” as not causing potentially business disrupting issues.  If there’s an immediate security threat to any of our clients systems we may push out a newly released patch immediately, but in most cases it’s better to wait for a short time to test and measure results before installing a newly released patch. Patches with known problems are “Blacklisted” until the problems have been resolved and they are proven as safe to install.

We also monitor to ensure that backup jobs are completing successfully every day and that hardware and software are working correctly.  Most problems are resolved long before they’re able to cause a service outage so month over month up-time on the equipment under our management generally stays at 100% during business hours.  With our remote management service you always know that your getting good backups and that the equipment is being monitored and updated correctly so that an equipment failure doesn’t hit you like the death of a relative on some otherwise mundane Tuesday morning.  Most unavoidable equipment failures such as a drive or power supply needing replacement are relatively painless when you know that you have all your ducks in a row.

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