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Data Recovery Lab

Hard drive data recovery Milwaukee WI
flash drive recovery milwaukee wi
Hard Drive Data Recovery Milwaukee WI
hard drive data recovery milwaukee wi
External hard drive data recovery. Milwaukee, WI
Successful data recovery from fire damaged computer. Waukesha WI

Welcome to our Waukesha/Milwaukee Data Recovery lab and clean-room.

-Expert level certification in hard drive, NAS and RAID data recovery, Mobile phone recovery and forensics.
-ISO Certified (Class 100) clean-room on-site.
-I.T. Connect is locally owned and operated; we won’t need to ship your job out in order to be recovered.

Our data recovery lab runs 24 hours a day recovering data and most jobs are completed within 2-3 days.  Our typical hard drive data recovery job runs just $289.  IT Connect is the only data recovery service provider in the Milwaukee metro area with an on-site clean room, which is only one of the reasons that we have one of the highest success rates and the fastest data recovery service in Southeastern Wisconsin.

No appointment is necessary– Give us a call or bring your drive in to our data recovery lab in Waukesha and we’ll start recovering your data that same day. We recover data from PC, Mac, Server, NAS, RAID and all other formats of hard drives along with Flash drives, SD memory cards and many other devices.  

I.T. Connect’s data recovery staff operates separately from the computer service area of the business and is dedicated solely to providing data recovery service.  We are experts at operating the worlds most sophisticated data recovery equipment and are experts in some areas and pioneers in others such as monolithic flash drive recovery methods.  With IT Connect you we will always get you the best possible outcome– or in cases where the technology is not there yet to recover then we will tell you that too.   We can recover data from dead or broken flash drives and SD cards and virtually anything else that holds data.  We have built our reputation locally as Milwaukee’s leading provider of data recovery service and a large number of the areas computer/IT service providers and corporate IT departments know us and rely on us to meet their data recovery needs and provide data recovery services for their clients as well.


Data Recovery Milwaukee

IT Connect can recover data from individual failed hard drives, computers or servers as well as NAS devices and failed RAID arrays. Servers or RAID arrays that are corrupt or have multiple failed drives can be recovered and reconstructed in our lab in order to recover your data.

Our certified data recovery engineers specialize in:

  • Hard drive data recovery (IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS and USB hard drives) both internal and external
  • Mobile phone data recovery
    • Apple/iPhone/iOS data recovery and forensics
    • Android recovery and digital forensics
  • RAID Data Recovery (all levels)
  • SSD, SD, Monolith & USB flash drive data recovery 
  • Recovering data from drives that don’t show up in the BIOS and/or are clicking
  • Recovery of all data from devices that don’t power up
  • SD / SDHC & Micro SD card data recovery
  • PC, Mac, Linux, Unix, Novell or virtually any file-system that’s ever been made
  • Corrupt operating systems and drives that have been formatted or erased.

Call now, or simply bring your crashed hard drive, server or NAS device to our data recovery lab, located at 1701 Pearl Street in Waukesha.  Pick up and drop-off hours are Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm.  Or you can ship us your failed hard drive or flash device along with your name, address and phone number and we will call to update you as soon as it arrives.  

We look forward to working with you.

Jason Roskopf
General Manager
I.T. Connect
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