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Computer Repair in Milwaukee and Waukesha WI

Computer Repair

We provide computer and laptop repair services in Milwaukee, Waukesha and surrounding communities. Call us now to schedule an on-site appointment, or simply bring your machine into our Waukesha location for same day service, or our Milwaukee location for next day service. If you are going to be bringing your machine into one of our computer service center locations there is no appointment necessary— simply bring the computer in to our service center during business hours.

Our Waukesha location is open M-F from 9AM to 6PM and offers same day service provided that the machine is dropped off by 1pm. Jobs dropped off after 1pm may still be done the same day depending upon availability.

Our Milwaukee location is open M-F from 9AM to 5PM and will service your machine within one to two business days.

Virus Removal

We can assist you with removing any viruses or other malware from your machine without losing any of your valuable data, and with keeping the machine clean and free of viruses in the future. Preventing your machine from becoming infected is a three part process

1. You need to be running a good quality antivirus program. Based on our experience we DO NOT recommend McAfee or Norton as good/functional Antivirus products.

2. All of your software needs to be kept up to date. In most of the infected machines that we see the Microsoft critical updates are being installed automatically, but the other critical web software such as Java, Flash, Air, Shockwave and Adobe Reader are not.

3. You need to know what antivirus product you are running and refrain from clicking on, runnin g, or installing anything you may see on your screen from an unrecognized product. In most cases these start off as paid advertisements for bogus “ransomware” products.

When we remove viruses or other malicious software from your machine we can also help you to select a quality antivirus product, install a system that will keep your software up to date and provide you with instructions so that you do not get infected with a virus again in the future.

Virus Removal in Milwaukee and Waukesha WI
Computer Networking Support in Milwaukee and Waukesha WI

Networking & Wireless Printers

Are you having problems accessing the internet or getting your wireless printer to work? Give us a call today and we’ll get your home network, internet connection and/or wireless printer up and running for you! We can also help by recommending products and services that will help to prevent the problem from occurring again in the future.

LCD/LED Screen Repair

Does your laptop or Mac have a cracked or inoperable screen or are there dark spots or lines going across the display? In most cases screen display problems are caused by a faulty backlight, power inverter or by the LCD/LED panel itself. We can quickly diagnose the problem and get your laptop, netbook or Mac up and running again fast!.

Laptop Screen Repair in Milwaukee and Waukesha WI
Data Recovery Service in Milwaukee WI

Data Backup Solutions

How long has it been since you’ve run your last backup? Would you be able to recover your data if your computer equipment was stolen or if your hard drive crashed or was damaged by fire, flood or other disaster? Nobody expects to have a problem with data loss, but it happens all the time and many people are never able to recover their valuable documents, photo’s, taxes, etc. The right time to think about on-line backup is BEFORE you experience a problem. I.T. Connect provides secure on-line backup systems where you can rest assured that your data is safe and recoverable no matter what happens to your computer.

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