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Data Recovery – Stay Local Or Get Burned

Most people who find themselves in need of hard drive data recovery services don’t consider how or where to shop for data recovery services until they’re already in a bad situation.  Their hard drive has just crashed and they need their data back immediately.  There are many companies advertising data recovery services online for as … READ MORE

My Hard Drive Crashed – How Did This Happen?

“How did this happen?”  In the data recovery industry we hear those four words all the time.  The fact of the matter is that if you aren’t doing regular backups of whatever data on your computers hard drive is important to you, then you are eventually going to lose it.  That much is inevitable.  Computer hard drives … READ MORE

What It Means To Have Your Hard Drive Crash

While most of us have heard someone say their ‘hard drive crashed‘ at some time or another, the definition of a hard drive that has ‘crashed’ is not commonly understood by any means. To most people, a hard drive crash simply means that something happened that caused them to lose their data.  The term itself has changed … READ MORE